Nob Hill is home to the one-of-a-kind Fractal Foundation, which uses "the beauty of fractals to inspire interest in science, math & art." The foundation has made the MetroABQ the fractal capital of the world!

They've had a bit of help from local kids, too. All the images were designed by children between age six & 10, from the Monte Vista Elementary School, located east of the University of NM, in Nob Hill.

The 88 year old elementary school is a classic & dramatic example of Mediterranean Revival style architecture, which often include a rectangular floorplan--in this case, the rectangle branches off into four classroom wings. Mediterranean architecture also often feature large, symmetrical façades, red tiled roofs, with detailed door surrounds. Lush gardens front entries are usually present too. At Monte Vista Elementary, the front pocket park is one of the only greenspaces in the area... 

Below are some of the fractals created by the elementary students, which adorn the school. Farther below is the school's mascot, the Monte Vista Penguin, on one of the exterior walls in the complex.