Another reason to love the MetroABQ is the random views you experience, when you're doing something else. Showing a newer home last weekend in northern Placitas, the winter Sandia Mountain view was impressive--the recent dusting of snow looked like confectionary, above. In Placitas, homes often sit on one-acre + lots, & often atop their own hill, overlooking the arroyos below. The distance is deceiving: between the mountains & myself are dozens of hills & arroyos, which often make travel there a bit slow-going. as you must drive around the hills, not through them.

Other places to find unexpected views while you're doing something else are below.

The Placitas image was taken from North West of the Metro, the west side New Urbanist community of La Luz is next; two from Netherwood Park in the middle of the city after different snowfalls; one of two snakes slithering up the hill to Mesa del Sol south of the airport; & from Four Hills looking north up the Sandia chain.